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29 / 07

James Fotoblog 9: bijna water in Kake II


Goede morgen to everyone! It is good to be with you again after a relatively long silence. A lot has happened since we last posted to you; much of the same thing, and so there has not been enough variety for me to constitute a full story item. I think, however, that by the time water flows in Kake II (which is very soon) there will be too much to include in one post. So, here we go!


At the time of our last communication, we had completed a kilometre and a half of the General Line. The General Line is now complete. We have also connected the slow sand to the Kake reservoir. The rest of the distance is about six kilometres. Some time during the course of the completion of the General Line we had a pleasant visit from Ms. Mieke Langenberg and four young ladies who are friends of LiveBuild. They visited our Head Office and some of the completed installations:



And, of course, the source of our water, Lake Barombi Mbo:




The second segment of the Genera Line was different from the first segment only in the degree of danger involved. We had part of the forest reserve to go through.


The Pipes were stacked and waiting:


But the slopes remained dangerous for the workers


Right place right time, I caught this fall on camera



After the forest reserve, it was mostly cocoa farms. It was still not easy.


As people had to manually transport pipes for kilometres:


Or trace and stake the path to be followed:


Or even digging the knee-deep trenches, making sure that none of the cocoa trees are destroyed:



This time, all the men of the village would go out to work, according to their various quarters.


Alternating hard work:


With a joke or two:


Or even taking time off to call the wife at home:



The fittings at the sand filtre and Kake reservoir are complete. The last control valve before the slow sand filtre:


The outlet at the sand filtre. The left outlet will supply the Ekombe Tank:


Fitting one of two drainage pipes below the slow sand filtre:


The inlet at the Kake Tank:


The supply line and drainage valves at the Kake Tank:


All is ready and … The anticipation is killing some of us… Like a child waiting for the dawn of Christmas: