About LiveBuild

LiveBuild supports people in the Netherlands and Cameroon in applying their own talents and strength to concrete projects in order to help improve the world around them.



LiveBuild runs on a lot of special hard-working people, as well as in the Netherlands as in Cameroon. To bring our Cameroonian partners closer to our Dutch ones, we looked them up and asked them about their motivation and their dreams. Here you can read their individual story.


Eyole Lambe

James Ewane

Sister Leonarda Tubuo

Maimo Jacobs Suinyuy

Thomas Orock

Walters Chin

Emmanuel Chibili

Emilia Namme

Divine Suinyuy Maimo

Jaba Wose

Manah Valentine


Kameroense partners LiveBuild


We support villages in Cameroon in ensuring a reliable supply of potable water and in managing and financing their own water systems. Managing a water system is complex and requires a solid institutional foundation. This is why working together with our partners in Cameroon we have developed the “community owned, business operated” model. This means that while the water system is the property of the people who live in the village, the maintenance of the water system relies on a locally operated water company. The water company employs professional staff and generates an income, which is then used to maintain the water system in the long run.


LiveBuild Waterproject Kameroen


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LiveBuild Coffee

With the sales of LiveBuild Coffee from Kumbo in Cameroon we aim to generate as much local income as possible for the coffee industry in Cameroon. We work together with local entrepreneurs to set up distribution channels and strengthen existing ones. This means that coffee farmers and other local entrepreneurs have more selling options than just via intermediate traders and the Western market. More jobs are created and the local economy gets an impulse as a result.


Koffie van LiveBuild bar op Mysteryland


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Creative concepts

In an unconventional way we create and build creative concepts by working together with festivals, creative organizations and anybody who can use a dose of creativity for his or her product.


Wokfiets voor FairTrade


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